Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I like being comfortable!

My random thought(s) for the day…the moment. 

I like being comfortable.  I’m a man!  I have a lazy boy recliner at home that I like to watch movies and play video games.  I like being comfortable!  I have shorts and shirts that I’m not allowed to wear outside my home because according to my wife “it reflects her, too.”  I wear them because they are comfortable.  Sometimes during the summer I just want a tube and a lazy river because it’s comfortable.  Sometimes I just want to stay in my office and not be bothered because I’m comfortable. I don’t want to move because I’m comfortable.  I have a very nice bed and lots of pillows and it’s comfortable.  I don’t like change either because I’d rather be comfortable!  I love people and I love talking and sharing with people but to be honest I’d rather be home in my lazy boy and just be comfortable!  I could go on and on and on…how about you?  Do you like to be comfortable? Yes! Me, too! 

But then…

I study God’s Word because I want to apply it to my walk and grow to be more like Jesus…and I observe things like this…

Abraham…God asked him to move from the land he was comfortable in, his homeland, and he did!  God told him that he would be the father of many nations and then gave him the promised child at an old age.  But proceeded to ask Abraham to give up being comfortable as a parent and sacrifice this promised child!  And Abraham did…although God intervened and provided a ram.  Abraham was willing to give up being comfortable for being faithful!

Joseph…He was comfortable being the favorite son of Jacob.  It made his brothers uncomfortable so they returned the favor.  Joseph even though thrown in a pit, sold into slavery, being falsely accused, and being forgotten about…he never was comfortable in compromising his integrity to the Lord.    He would rather have been uncomfortable in his suffering than compromise his faith.  He realized that in his uncomfortable situation, God was bigger, had a plan, and purpose.  Joseph was willing to give up being comfortable for being faithful!

Peter and John…There is a story in Acts where Jesus’ Apostles, Peter and John, were flogged because they were teaching and sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ; being flogged for that message they considered an honor.  They were asked to stop but they had no fear of death and they continued with preaching the Gospel.  The same Gospel that would get Stephan stoned to death!   The same Gospel that would have John’s brother James beheaded.  The same Gospel that would claim the lives of so many faithful followers of Jesus.  They loved Jesus no matter the cost!  They were willing to give up being comfortable for being faithful!

Paul…Here is a guy that one minute is persecuting Jesus’ church.  He’s well educated and respected in the academic world as well as the Hebrew culture and much more.  He was comfortable! But then he is blinded by the light of Jesus!   God said that he would become an instrument of suffering for His purpose.  Paul embraced this suffering!  There is even a story in Acts where Paul goes right back into the city that just stoned him and failed to kill him.  No Fear!  He was a man on a mission to preach and teach Jesus Christ!  Even when he was in prison!  He was uncomfortable and he was willing be that way if meant that Jesus Christ would be glorified!  Paul was willing to be uncomfortable for being faithful!  

Jesus…Our Savior who went from hearing the praises of Angles, from being in Heaven…came to this earth and wasn't comfortable.  He just left home with no place to call home here on earth.  He knew He was the suffering servant!  He knew He would be rejected.  He knew He would be betrayed! He knew He would be abandoned!  He knew He would be beaten, mocked, and humiliated! He knew that He would ultimately suffer and die!  He did because He loved us more!  He did it because He knew we were condemned to die and we couldn't pay our debt!  He became more uncomfortable than anyone so we could ultimately find comfort in Him!  Jesus focused on being faithful and obedient to His Father than to being comfortable! Jesus focused on setting the example for us to follow than with focused on Jesus focused on His love for God and for us than being comfortable!  I could go and on and on…

There is more to these men and their stories above…there is more stories in the Old and New Testament about God’s people willing to give up being comfortable for being faithful! 

I say all of that to say this…I feel like a complete wimp!   

Why do I want to be comfortable here on earth?  This place is not my home! 

Why do I want to be comfortable when those that came before me and set the example that I read in Scripture weren’t?  I’m told there is nothing for me to fear when I’m in the Lord!

Why would I rather be comfortable and not talk to people about the Lord?  There is too much pain, heartache, sinfulness, and much more for me to not say anything!

Why would I rather be comfortable in living as the old man rather than living as the new creation in Christ?  Because it’s easier to sin and it’s more acceptable to this world rather to live righteously and obediently simply because that’s harder.

I could go on and on and on and on…

I was going to load this up with some scripture but there are so many texts in the Bible that call us to move out of our comfort zone!  For starters read the words of Jesus throughout the Gospels!  

This is just my thought for the day…for the moment!  It is easier to comfortable!  But the world needs Jesus!  It’s not the job of someone else to do Matthew 28:18-20…it’s my job!  It’s yours! 

As Christians…those that truly belong to Jesus! We are called to be faithful!  We are called to be obedient!  We are called to love God and people!  We are called to let our lights shine before all men that God will receive the glory!  We are called to make disciples for Jesus!  We are called to preach and teach God’s Word soundly and truthfully! 

We are not called to be comfortable!  

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